Important difference between coins and tokens


The difference between coins and tokens is not obvious to the beginner at first. Tokens are not cryptocurrencies developed in-house. They are based on the system and programming of well-known digital currencies. Find out more about this topic on the next page:
Storing cryptocurrencies with the wallet.

How do you store the coins safely? - Coins are stored in so-called "wallets". These are available online or as hardware. As an investor, you have many options for keeping your investment safe. Learn more about the best options:
Wallets (purses) are also available for cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies Market information is important

How do you get the best information about the market situation? - I can recommend the website "". There you will find trading information from the entire crypto exchanges summarised. On the following page I explain how you can best evaluate this information.


How cryptocurrencies trading works

With cryptocurrencies trading with a bonus Exness, high profits can be made in a short time. With derivatives, for example, you can also bet on falling prices and use leverage. How does it work and how can the profit be maximised? - Read it in the following article:

Learn cryptocurrencies trading

Cryptocurrencies can be traded via a decentralised exchange (stock exchange) or via broker with derivatives. For example, there is a futures contract for bitcoin, which is listed on the American stock exchange. Trading is not suitable for every beginner and requires extensive knowledge.

On this page I will show you a simple way to invest in cryptocurrencies. By contract for difference or real cryptocurrency, you can invest with regulated and licensed providers without much effort. Long or short trades can be made with leverage.

Many beginners are looking for a suitable trading platform for their coins. In my experience, buying should be as uncomplicated as possible. The 3 providers presented below give investors the chance to set up an account in a few minutes and invest in any cryptocurrencies with conventional funds and various payment methods.


Cryptocurrencies can be traded via crypto exchanges or various derivatives. 

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin - The most popular currencies

Why are cryptocurrencies suddenly becoming so interesting for private investors? - The value against the USD has risen by several 1000% for most coins in 2017. Many traders and speculators became millionaires in a short time. Many experts also agree that the new technologies will change the world.

Governments are divided. Some are calling for stricter regulation of the markets, while other governments are already developing their own cryptocurrency.


  1. Ingénierie pétrolière
  2. Qualité, Hygiène, sécurité et environnement
  3. Techniques commerciales agricoles
  4. Horticulture
  5. Production animale


  1. Droit des affaires et fiscalité
  2. Transport Logistique
  3. Gestion des Ressources Humaines
  4. Banque, Finance, Assurance
  5. Gestion des Entreprises et Management des Organisations
  6. Management informatique appliquée à la gestion des entreprises
  7. Management du Tourisme et de l’hôtellerie
  8. Sciences agronomiques
  • Options 1: Production végétale
  • Options 2: Socio-économie agricole
  1. Économie et Gestion
  • Options 1: Analyses économiques et gestion des entreprises
  • Options 2: politiques économiques et sociales
  • Options 3: Analyses économiques et modélisations


  1. Techniques commerciales et agricoles
  2. Production horticole
  3. Agroalimentaire
  4. Machinisme agricole
  5. Aquaculture
  6. Hygiène alimentaire en restauration
  7. Ouvrier paysagiste
  8. Production avicole
  9. Marketing digital


  1. Économie et management des mines et de l’environnement
  2. Droit et gouvernance des mines et énergie
  3. Droit des affaires et fiscalité
  4. Droit communautaire
  5. Production et protection des cultures
  6. Droit des activités maritimes et portuaires

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Pour les pièces à fournir :

  • 4 photos d’identité
  • 1 extrait de naissance
  • 1 photocopie légalisée de la carte d’identité nationale ou du passeport
  • Photocopies légalisées de l’attestation de réussite du Bac et du relevé de notes
  • La fiche d'inscription dûment signée par le candidat et visée obligatoirement par le tuteur
  • Les bulletins de notes (1 ère et 2 ème semestre) de la Terminale.

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